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Our chocolate

Baronie is more than just a company. It is a collective of experts, focussing on the smallest details and operating in eleven different locations, spread over five different countries.


All of our colleagues have a specific cultural and professional background. Every day, this multitude of experience and expertise is combined to strive for the excellence that Baronie stands for. Baronie proudly endorses the values ​​that Belgian and Swiss chocolate stand for.

It is all about passion, knowledge, experience, dedication and most of all: teamwork. Many of our employees have been proud members of the Baronie team for years. They enjoy sharing their expertise. Their passion goes way beyond our own brands. Their know-how is available to anyone who wants to launch and market chocolate products.

Our cross functional development teams combine forces across borders, share knowledge, facilitate guidance and identify growth opportunities, all in favour of our customers. Based on collected market data and consumer trends, we brainstorm on possible routes and directions. That’s how we think about tomorrow, daily.

We are trusted all over the world thanks to our expertise, market knowledge and products.

In our portfolio you will find products with different flavors, for every occasion, every season and every mood.

From bean
to bar

We are trusted all over the world due to our market, product and expertise. We manage the entire production chain, from bean to bar, optimising every detail. We know how to add value.

The taste profile of our chocolate is defined by the origin of the cocoa beans. Soil, climate and habitat leave their signature on the flavour of the cocoa.

The taste profile is defined by the origin of the cocoa beans.

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